Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Lightbulb With C4D and Octane

Unicut Media shows the process for modeling a light bulb in C4D and creating realistic materials with Octane.

An excellent exercise for 3D artists is to see seemingly simple objects for what they are – modeling challenges.

One example of this is a simple lightbulb. Simple shapes and materials come together to create a realistic likeness with a bit of work. In this tutorial, from Michael de Meyer (Unicut Media), you can see his approach to creating a practical lightbulb in Cinema 4D with Octane for rendering the final image.

About Michael de Meyer.

Michael de Meyer works out of Munich, Germany, as a professional Film Editor / 3D Artist for over 13 years. Meyer does lots of advertisements (BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Redbull, etc.) and television stuff and has won national and international prizes for his work.