Check Out TopoWrap, a New Procedural Topology & Texture WrapTransfer Tool for Maya

UnPLUG Tools TopoWrap for Maya is an affordable topology transfer tool for Maya.

UnPLUG Tools launches a new solution for retopology through wrapping in Autodesk Maya. TopoWrap offers Maya a procedural topology and texture wrap transfer tool that allows users to reshape a base mesh to higher resolution models.

TopoWrap’s Key Features include:

  • Create/Wrap/Project Detailed Template ReTopo Models Accurately & Precisely to Hires Raw Scan Model Data.
  • Bake Hires Textures to your Retopo Model from Raw-Scan models.
  • Offers complete control over Projection mapping & smoothing, and more.
  • Create Matching Topology Marker points for laying essential Topo guides for the Tool.
  • Precise control over Marker points distribution & editing.
  • Mirror Marker points, Append or Delete points.
  • Exclude local Areas & Regions from Projection-Snapping, helpful in preserving Volumetric-mesh data-parts like inner-mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, eye sockets, nose cavities, etc.
  • Paint exclude Projection-Snapping tool.
  • Paint Relax tool for smoothing out rough surfaces.
  • Export & Import Marker data for already created—existing Marker points for reusing onto different models.

Get TopoWrap.

TopoWrap works on Maya 2016 and higher, Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. A license costs $45 with multiuser versions for teams available. Learn more here.