How to Create and Look-Dev Oceans with BOSS

Sam Biddle shows how easy it is to create realistic oceans using BOSS in Maya.

Maya has a few tools for creating large-scale bodies of water, from a simple displacement setup to full-on simulations. There also happens to be BOSS (Bifrost Ocean Simulation System). The Maya tool helps create waves, ripples, and wakes, starting with a flat mesh and a mix of layers solvers, where each element is independent of the resolution of the others.

This new tutorial from Sam Biddle covers how to create oceans with BOSS and shows a simple look-dev process for getting great results. “This will be a quickfire look at creating quick and easy setups for large bodies of water using Maya’s Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS),” Biddle says. The Maya learning channel has a four-part series covering all the different tools available with BOSS for a more in-depth look.