Getting Started With the Bifrost Ocean Simulation System

Matt Chan Shows How to Create a Physically Accurate Ocean Using the Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS).

Maya’s Bifrost is more than just a fluid simulation tool. It’s a procedural framework that also covers FLIP solvers and aerodynamic effects and fluid, gaseous effects like smoke. Of course, you can generate liquid effects and control it with forces, colliders and other elements in the scene to create flow, splashes, and entire oceans. Autodesk’s Learning Content Developer, Matt Chan has a tutorial series that shows you how to create a physically accurate ocean scene using the Bifrost Ocean Simulation System, otherwise known as BOSS.

The series covers everything, starting with turning a plane into a realistic patch of moving water. From there, the little sim gets expanded into an entire ocean, complete with a boat and a boat wake that trails behind. The final step is to create dynamic foam through particles that will make the wake look much more realistic.

Check out the entire series on the Area here.