How to Render Millions Of Polygons With Redshift Proxies

You And Me Academy shows how you can render an insane amount of geometry by using Redshift Proxies.

Most modern rendering engines will allow you to work with proxy objects. It’s a workflow that will enable you to chew through an insane amount of geometry with ease. Redshift is no different in that regard. Check out this new tutorial from Theo Daley (You and Me Academy), who shows us how to set up Redshift proxies for any DCC.

Theo also walks through how to scatter objects along a surface using Redshift Matrices.


About Theodore Daley.

Theodore Daley is a two-time Emmy nominated designer, born in Toronto, Canada, and currently based in New York City. Clients include AMC, NBC, ESPN, NIKE, NFL, Showtime, MTV, Ralph Lauren, Sony, and Microsoft. His work has been published in numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide.