New CGElementary Tool Helps Bake Light and Reflections in Maya

CGElementary teases a new tool to help bake light and reflections for real-time viewports in Maya.

Viewport 2 was a great start to a modern and real-time viewport in Maya that never really seemed to meet the expectations of artists. While VP2 is a capable viewport, it’s seriously behind other DCC’s tech, especially Blender’s Eevee.

To get better results from VP2, CGElementary (Morteza Ahmadi) teases a new project that will be available soon. It’s a set of tools for Maya that will aid and assists in getting better results inside of Maya’s Viewport.

Ahmadi’s tool works like a system similar to UE4, where you bake light and reflections but offers a better degree of control. The tool helps you to get a better look in VP2 by helping you set up baking techniques. “I still haven’t decided on the pricing of this product and I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions.” Morteza says about it.