How to Create Multipass Renders With U-Render

The U-Render team looks at creating multipass renders with U-Render in Cinema 4D.

One of the first things you learn beyond rendering is not everything necessarily needs to happen in-render. Using multipass rendering, you can have a more straightforward time rendering, fixing issues, or even modifying your final images to something more. 

Check out this new first-step tutorial from the U-render team that shows us how to control many of the common aspects of rendering by creating multipass renderers with U-Render. 

U-RENDER is one of the only true real-time rendering software that permits you to achieve immediate rendering results in full resolution.”

About U-Render.

U-Render GmbH is a leading Austrian developer of graphics software for 3D rendering. U-Render brings the latest advances in real-time rendering to the established rendering pipeline. It’s currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D, but other integrations are on the roadmap.