How to Rip a Beanbag With nParticles in Maya

Reimagine Fx shows how to create a tearing beanbag using nParticles.

Node-based systems like Maya’s Bifrost offer the ultimate way to create particle and cloth effects. Still, there is something to be said about the simplicity of older systems like Maya’s nCloth. This new tutorial from Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx) shows how to create a beanbag that can tear apart in Maya working with nParticles and Arnold Renderer.

Shinde often shows the motion graphics-like applications to things like Fluids and cloth simulations inside of Maya

nCloth Settings and Tearing.

The tutorial shows how to work with the nCloth attributes for the best results in the rip effect. The pressure and tear settings create the force that will automatically force a tear on the surface of the cloth.