How to Work With Caustics in Redshift

Theo Daley covers the range of fundamental to advanced caustics using Redshift in Cinema 4D.

Check out this new tutorial from You And Me Academy hosted by Emmy-nominated designer Theo Daley that talks about caustics in Redshift under Cinema 4D.

Caustics are tricky to set up and are typically expensive to render. The tutorial covers how to set up caustics properly quickly and use caustics effectively, using a project as an example.

Caustics are an extra rendering calculation for photons that can be reflected, refracted, and concentrated. It can add another level of realism to your scene if you focus on water, glass, or other effects where a caustic would be present.

Check out this older tutorial from Concept Artist, and Matte Painter Saul Espinosa walks through working with redshift caustic effects and covers some of the settings, with some tips for a more efficient render. It’s pretty straightforward; all it requires you to do is turn on caustic photons on both the objects receiving, and the lights emitting and make sure it’s active scene-wide.

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