How to Create Realistic Neon With Maya and V-Ray

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to model, shade, light, and render a fantastic-looking neon-laden scene.

This new walk-through from Carlos Alvarez Velazquez recreates a realistic night street scene using a popular twitch streamer for reference. Maybe you’re looking to spice up some of your streaming graphics, or perhaps you’d like to know the best way to create various styles of neon letters in 3D. Either way, this tutorial has you covered. “This is just an example; you can customize it to your liking and learn a workflow to create more professional, personalized, and original templates for your channels.” Carlos mentions.

About Carlos Alvarez Velazquez.

Carlos is a Technical Architect, Designer, CGI Artist, Modeler, Renderer with Autodesk Maya and VRay.