How to Automate Creating Number Arrays in Cinema 4D

David Todman shows a trick to create number arrays in C4D easily.

Graphs, clocks, fake user interface stuff, and sci-fi-looking data. You will need to generate numbers and number arrays for these. With Cinema 4D, you can automate the process a bit with a couple of underused and not-so-well-known tricks.

David Todman shows how to automate the often tedious process of producing number arrays for graphs, clocks, and FUIs using Mograph text and cloners.

About David Todman.

David Todman is a motion artist, director, and Maxon Trainer living in Brighton, UK. He creates 3D art and motion for leading brands, broadcasters, and agencies worldwide. He also loves teaching and has a growing YouTube channel full of tips and advice from his 20+ years of experience in the creative industries.