Unraveling Color Management Using ACES in Redshift

Dimitris Katsafouros covers the color management workflow for ACES in Redshift.

Since ACES is the new default when working with Redshift Renderer, quite a few guides explain the color management pipeline needed if you work with the popular GPU renderer. Have a look at this new addition from Dimitris Katsafouros that can help us wrap our heads around ACES and how to use it with Redshift.

The Academy Color Encoding System, ACES, is the defacto standard for managing colors in many applications. “Color management can be tricky, and I’m still in the process of figuring things out myself.” amits Katsafouros. The tutorial covers how to set up ACES in Redshift in a predictable way and relates to the older Linear Workflow. The tutorial also shows how to edit your ACES images in Photoshop without extra plugins.