Kasper Larsson’s new course shows how to structure, plan and execute a game production using the scrum framework.

Kasper Larsson has a new masterclass course covering game production management using the scrum framework. In the course, Kasper teaches about the entire scrum model with associated tools and how Scrum gets organized in a project setting.

“In this class, we assume the role of a project responsible who drives Scrum and agile processes in their part of the organization.”

Scrum for Games isn’t the first production style masterclass that Larsson has. Kasper offered an animation management production and producer course a few years back.

What do you need to take this course?

While most Scrum courses are adapted to IT development, this course is for those who want to know how Scrum works in a game development environment. 

You need no prior knowledge of neither the game industry nor Scrum workflows. The course is for private, and public managers, specialists, developers, and key employees who (1) want to work with Scrum and (2) want to support an agile way of working, all visualized on your Scrum boards.

Visit Scrum For Game Development to learn more about this new masterclass.

About Kasper Larsson.

Kasper Larsson has a Bachelor in Computer Graphics from The Animation Workshop, is an MBA Student at Associates of Visionary Thinkers, is a Producer, Scrum Master, and the production responsible at Flashbulb Games in Copenhagen.