How to Make a Rubik Gadget With Blender Geometry Nodes

Ilir Beqiri shows how to create a Rubik puzzle gadget in Blender using Geometry Nodes.

This new tutorial from Ilir Beqiri shows how to make a Rubik gadget using only Geometry Nodes in Blender. “This subject took me longer than usual to explain, but it was a complex one.” Beqiri says about the tutorial.

Beqiri says he struggled to create the gadget in the first place but found the challenge very interesting and rewarding.

A Cube-Based Rubik’s Cube.

A little while ago, Santiago Pereira (Sanctus) showed how to make an entire Rubik’s Cube model in Blender using Geometry Nodes. The tutorial uses some new nodes in the Blender alpha, and the process starts with points and instances. Check out that tutorial here.

About Ilir Beqiri

Ilir Beqiri is a Motion designer living and working in Tirana, Albania.