How to Animate Foliage on Cards With Geometry Nodes

Kammerbild shows how to animate card-cut foliage using Geometry Nodes in Blender.

A popular method for creating vegetation and foliage is to have images on cards that get cut out with transparencies. While that is an excellent technique for placing a lot of greenery around a scene, it helps the slightly animate wind to get it looking a little more natural.

This new tutorial from Kammerbild shows how to add a simple wind-like animation to the plants using Blender Geometry Nodes.

More Tips for Procedural Scattering.

A previous tutorial from Kammerbild shows how to cull by distance with Geometry Nodes in Blender, which is essential for more significant scenes. There is a bit of math involved, but as Kammerbild mentions, “It is not as flashy as usual, but sometimes a little math can be fun… right?”

Visit the tutorial “how to cull by distance with Geometry Nodes when using particles in Blender,” here.