How to Make a Conveyor Belt Animation With Cloth Simulation in Blender

PIXXO 3D covers making a conveyor belt animation or treadmill using cloth dynamics in Blender.

Pixxo 3D Juandre (Jay) Labuschagne’s new tutorial shows how to make a simple conveyor belt system in Blender using cloth dynamics. The belt moves freely against two rollers and offers a relatively realistic look.

More on Cloth and Fabric in Blender.

Pixxo 3D Juandre (Jay) Labuschagne delved into creating a nice-looking woven fabric in Blender. Jay’s technique uses displacements and particles for the finer details.

Another tutorial from Juandre’s showed how to create this great-looking felt material that uses the principled shader and particles to get that escaping fiber look to the render. Check that out here.

Erindale Woodford showed how to create a fabric weave procedurally in Blender using the shader node system. Geometry Nodes create the pattern, but the result is similarly a displacement.