How to Create Braided Rope Sculptures in Cinema 4D

3DBonfire shows how to make hyper-realistic braided rope sculptures in Cinema 4D S26 and higher.

This new tutorial from 3DBonfire (Markus Gonser) covers how to work with the latest iterations of the Cinema 4D simulation tools to create these hyper-realistic braided rope sculptures.

“I had some time to test the Ropes tools in Cinema 4D 2023,” Gonser says. “Of course, this also works in the new version Cinema4 D 2023.1 or previous versions like C4D S26.”

Cinema 4D 2023 recently added a unified dynamics system, and things like cloth, fluids, and more became more manageable in many cases.

Also, check out Gonser’s other tutorial that works with C4D cloth under the new simulation system. The tutorial shows¬†how to work with the new cloth tools in C4D to create a growth and transition effect.