Working With Pose Space Deformation in Cinema 4D

Jonathon Burdock shows how to work with PSD or Pose Space Deformations for animation in Cinema 4D.

Epic J Creation’s Jonathon Burdoc takes an in-depth dive into working with PSD or Pose Space Deformations in Cinema 4D animation. The Cinema 4D, Pose Morph tag, allows you to create corrective shapes, typically used in a character animation pipeline.

Here, Burdoc talks in detail about how to work with the Pose Morph tag in Cinema 4D and covers things like rigging, weighting, and the Pose Morph system.

Also, check out this tutorial by Cart and Horse’s Dan Maure that shows how to create Pose Morph shapes in Cinema 4D and use those in Unreal as Morph Targets. Visit that tutorial here.