Check Out This Simple to Use Toon Shader for Redshift

The You and Me Academy posts a neat little NPR shader for Redshift called the YMA Toon Shader.

The YMA Toon Shader for Redshift is new from the You and Me Academy. The shader offers a way for artists to create without worrying about the technicalities of creating a toon shader from scratch.

Built for Cinema 4D, the YMA Toon Shader for Redshift is a single Xpresso node that integrates seamlessly into Redshift. The node has 30 preset toon styles and works with all the Redshift features.

YMA Toon Shader:

  • A fully packaged xpresso node with custom UI that integrates seamlessly into Redshift and C4D (compatible with C4D 2023.2.0+ / RS 3.5.14+)
  • 30 Fully Created Preset Toon Styles (materials in one C4D file ready to drag and drop immediately)
  • 8 4k and 2k textures to create custom sketch lines, halftone styles, and toon patterns. Sketch Lines, Watercolor style, Tech details.
  • Works with all Redshift features, including Depth Of Field!

As with any toon shader, YMA Toon offers light integration features, shading control, toon lines, halftone patterns, overlays, and more.

Get YMA Toon Shader.

The Toon Shader is currently on sale with a special release price of 20% Off – Ends Sept 15th. Visit YMA for more information, or get the YMA Toon Shader here.