How to Have 1 Redshift Shader Cover Multiple Objects With Multiple Textures

A Single Redshift Shader Can Apply Multiple Textures to Multiple Objects in Cinema 4D

Watch this short 14-minute tutorial where Adrian Cruceru shows how you can use a single Redshift shader to surface multiple objects, with multiple textures. If you have worked with other high-end production renderers before, then the concept will be a familiar one, that involves a switch.

A shader Switch allows you to link up more than one texture input and output the result to a single shader. This way, you can apply the various textures on to a lot of objects and manage the whole things from just one shader. Think of surfacing a much of grapes. You want to have varied textures for each of the grapes, yet making edits to multiple shaders would be time-consuming, not to mention overkill. Ising a Redshift Shader switch can allow for every single grape’s texture to be unique, yet use the same shader settings for all of them.

Adrian Cruceru is Redshift Rendering Technologies’ Technical Support Specialist