MochaBlend C4D Imports Mocha Tracking Data in Cinema 4D

You may remember a while back, when Good Spirit Graphics released MochaBlend, which was a workflow tool that bridged Imagineer Systems’ Mocha tracking with Blender 3D.

convert both mocha tracking-data, and mocha roto-splines into 3D objects in C4D

Recently, Good Spirit Graphics’ Christopher Barrett has released another incarnation for MochaBlend with a version that is compatible with Cinema 4D.

MochaBlend C4D is a plugin that will convert mocha tracking data into 3D objects in C4D. It can also convert mocha’s roto-splines into C4D objects.

With the new C4D plugin, you can even convert 2D motion into 3D motion using mocha’s camera solvers.

MochaBlend C4D is something that can bridge the gap between mocha visual effects tracking and your 3D work.

If you have After Effects, you already have a bundled copy of mocha, which will work with Mocha Blend C4D.

You will need a minimum of C4D R14 to run the plugins, and there are some features that are not available in the C4D version, that are present in the Blender version, and visa-versa.

Christopher also plans to release a Maya version of the plugin in the near future, and maybe a 3DS Max version as well.

MochaBlend C4D will run you $250.00 per licence over at Good Spirit Graphics.

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