Creating Complex Braids and Buns With Ornatrix in Maya

Check out Jeordanis Figuereo’s tutorial series showing how to create braids and buns with Ornatrix.

Convincing hair can be crucial to realistic 3D portraits and characters. Hair for digital characters can be kind of tricky. There can be a bit of a technical learning curve to get over. There can also be the task of styling the hair. Like creating clothes for a character, you need to shift your skills over to practice that you might not feel too confident.

Ornatrix can help in the technical realm. Ornatrix is an “artist friendly” tool for creating hair fur and feathers. Best part, is that it allows you to work nondestructively. This makes grooming hair into styles much easier.

Jeordanis Figuereo is a 3D Character Artist/CG Hair trainer at Ephere. He has a good tutorial series that covers creating hairstyles with Ornatrix. It starts out with simple styles and then works up to buns and braids.