New Silk for Nuke Turns Footage to Laser Spaghetti

Copenhagen based VFX Artist MADS HAGBARTH LUND has created a new Nuke Gizmo that creates what he calls, Laser Spaghetti. Silk is a creative 2D processing effect, that takes all the footage and apples a series of algorithms to it.

You can choose between Gaussian, Disk, E-Box, and more. Each variant will give you radically different looks from fractured fractals to cell like patterns.You can pick the number and size of streaks for each of the choices available.

As a post effect, Silk works like blur or god-rays would in Nuke. Apply it to the footage and it will output the silky looking streaks. The creator of Silk admits that he is “not sure what they could be used for” but it is certain that the results can be hauntingly beautiful. Download a version and laser-spaghetti some stuff!