Create Moho Leg Joints That Bend The Right Direction Every Time

Bones are essential and really can go a long way when creating 2D style character animation. If you are using Moho, bones are relatively intuitive to use. There are some tips and tricks that can help you get rid of errors in the rig when animating, especially when creating leg joints.

Basic tips on constructing leg joints so they move in the direction that you want

Target bones in Moho allow you to create an IK setup where the character’s feet will can stay planted on the ground. You have probably seen this setup a thousand times with characters. Grab the hips and pull down, and the legs joints should bend on their own, while the feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

Even though an IK leg chain and target bone setup is easy to create, you might find that it is hard to have the leg joints bend in the right direction. Showing some tips and techniques for that, is Mitch, who walks through some basic tips.

The key to the whole thing is setting an angle for the lower leg to bend, and setting angle constraints for the leg joints. Easy!