Rohan Dalvi Gives an Introductory Look Into Arnold Houdini

Rohan Dalvi is a Houdini Artist and trainer. His love of rendering will bounce around between renderers. It is not unusual to find Rohan talking about the benefits and caveats between Octane, RedShift, and Mantra. Now we can add Arnold Houdini to that list.

a relatively long introduction to Arnold in Houdini

Here, Rohan offers a relatively (comparatively to his other introductions) long introduction to using and working with the Arnold Renderer in Side FX Houdini. The video covers everything from lighting and light contributions to basic render settings. Rohan also spends quite a bit of time with shader building, looking at basic material settings, using mpas, and dives into more complex stuff, such as triplanar maps, curvature maps, and fit range.

The Houdini file can be downloaded from The statue asset can be downloaded from, and the Al Shaders used in the tutorial can be downloaded from the link given below