New Spine Beta Adds Weight Painting and Video With Alpha Export

New Spine Beta Adds Weight Painting and Video With Alpha Export

A new beta release for Spine 2D Animation sees some better support for rigging, and ultimately animation. A new feature for weight painting will be a welcome addition to rigging characters and editing deformations.

Weight painting is essential for managing deformations in characters. It allows you to assign a bone’s influence on vertices in a mesh. With weight painting you can better control which bones affect which parts of the mesh. You can also give multiple bones influence on a particular vertex, that is where the “weight” part of weight painting comes in. You can divide up influence as a percentage, not just passing solitary segments to a single bone. This feature should come in handy for weighting more dense meshes.

Also of note in the new beta, is the ability to export video with an alpha channel AVI RAW, MOV RAW, MOV PNG, and MOV Animation.

Spine 2D Animation 3.6.15 beta listed features are:

  • Added weight painting.
  • Significant performance improvements, especially with mesh manipulation and undo/redo.
  • Fixed video with alpha export, supported codecs are AVI RAW, MOV RAW, MOV PNG, and MOV Animation.
  • Fixed slot color with zero alpha affecting clipping.
  • Don’t fill background when clipping is selected and Others are hidden.
  • Icon for clipping end slot Set button.
  • When creating a slot for clipping, put it at the bottom of the draw order.
  • Clipping end slot defaults to same clipping attachment’s slot (which clips until end of draw order).
  • Colored background in draw order to denote clipping.
  • New file choosing dialogs and smart logic.
  • Save Project As updates the skeleton image paths relative to the new project file location.
  • Added Wireframe checkbox to meshes to always show the vertices and edges.
  • Prevent flashing of Pies checkbox and bone dimming when dragging with Weights tool.
  • Selected checkbox on Weights view is now useful even when no vertices are selected.
  • Selected checkbox only shows pies for selected bones and vertices.
  • Added “select vertices” button to bones list on Weights view.
  • Faster auto weight calculation.
  • Preserve background color alpha when choosing image export formats.

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