9 Things You Should Know When Working With Blender’s EEVEE

CGMasters’ Aidy Burrows runs through 10 things you should know when trying out Blender’s new EEVEE.

EEVEE is Blender’s new viewport technology that intends to bring cutting edge realtime rendering to . It is still early days, but EEVEE already looks amazing, supporting some nice high end graphics features, all within a realtime viewport.

Environment Artist at TTFusion, Aidy Burrows covers some things that you need to know before working with EEVEE. Like the fact that its name is an acronym that stands for Extra Easy Virtual Environment Engine. There are also some nice tips in there for procedural texturing for the new viewport engine, how to enable transparencies, and how to keep to date with the latest developments, should you want to take Blender’s new viewport for a spin.

The Eevee viewport for Blender is now available for very early testing! Once you’ve got it working it’s a lot of fun to try it out. However there are a few things that I think you should know which hopefully will make your experience with it a little more pain free.

  • What EEVEE stands for ?
  • All about reflection probes
  • Post processing options such as bent normal AO, DOF & Volumetrics
  • Why your normal maps may not be looking right and what to do about it
  • How to enable transparency
  • Quick Tips : Procedural Texturing
  • How to disable the world background in the viewport
  • Even Cycles Tips! – Convexity with Pointiness & Lamps that project textures.
  • How to keep up to date with the latest developments
  • And as always a sense of completion for reading all the way this far down the bulletpoint list. Bulletpoint list reading level up!