Check Out Redshift’s New Denoiser, Scrubbing and Camera Navigation

Andrew Silke Peers Into Some New Features in Redshift Maya, Including the New Denoiser

Create 3d Characters’ Andrew Silke has a look at the new features in Redshift Maya that are notable and cutting edge. The tutorial covers a lot of things, but most exciting is the new Denoiser. Redshift has added two types of denoisers that include Nvidia’s Optix and Innobright’s Altus. Both will use Artificial Intelligence to make your renders much cleaner magically.

Andrew also covers new features such as being able to scrub the timeline and see Redshift updates in the viewer, Some camera navigation updates, and shows off some tests using super-fine texture details. Redshift’s Denoise is available now, albeit mostly experimental features to current Redshift customers.

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