SOuP for maya using the scatterToInstancer

More from the soup-dev channel with this look using SOuP for Maya scatter node to place point cloud data onto a surface and assign instanced objects to them via the arrayToDynArray nodes.

“SOuP is a set of plug-ins that extend the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya. As you probably know Maya needs more (sophisticated) “live” data generators and modifiers that operate on components lists, objects groups and point attributes. This imposes a lot of limitations when doing more involving things like complex effects, advanced characters and actually quite often geometry manipulations.

SOuP – scatterToInstancer Pt1 from on Vimeo.

“With the scatter node we can place point cloud data onto a surface and assign instanced objects via arrayToDynArray nodes. All the standard instancer attibutes are available like position, index, aimDirection and scale etc and better still we are able to control these attributes with expressions inside a point node. From here we can begin painting vertex color and start getting finer control over our placed objects.”

SOuP – scatterToInstancer Pt2 from on Vimeo.

“This vid is a continuation from Pt1 and discusses how to use surface normal as aimDirection for your instanced objects. Also some things to be aware of while passing normal data through the boundingObject. You will also learn the new scatter feature of projection mapping to position your points and the passing of color UV data into vertex points so that you can use textures or files to control objectIndex.”