The Brave Rabbit posts a great little series on basic character rigging in Autodesk Maya which is a summary of his rigging lectures for the school at where he teaches. Check out the Brave Rabbit at his site for some great work, and great tools from a super nice guy.

the Brave Rabbit writes about his tutorial: This rigging series for maya is the summary of my rigging lectures at the school I am teaching.
As the basics of rigging can be overwhelming for inexperienced users I thought I’d put together a series of videos to show how to setup a simple but robust character for animation. I am mainly focussing on the technical part of the rigging process, even though there is much more to rigging than just the technical side. But I wanted to keep everything as compact as possible. The series is meant to be for beginners of rigging as well as lower level intermediate users but of course this depends on your experience. The rig I am building is far from perfect but includes all the most important features while being fast and robust.

The script that is used while building the body rig can be found on our downloads page: and is called: icStretchSplineIK