Shane Benson takes a look at some of the very basic concepts for modeling with Subdivision surfaces in Cinema 4D with this new multipart series, the first of which looks at using HyperNURBS in Cinema 4D.

In order to better understand how to properly model something when using the sub-D modeling method, you need to understand what a HyperNURBS works and what the word HyperNURBS actually means

Shane notes that unlike most other 3D applications, Cinema 4D does not have a traditional smooth function that will subdivide and smooth the model, instead in Cinema 4D subdivisions are handled by using a HyperNURBS object.

This is a great overview as Shane provides an understanding what a HyperNURBS object is and how it works. In defining NURBS as Non Uniform Rational Bipolar Spline (or B-Splines), Shane looks at how B-Splines work within Cinema, and the concepts for creating and controlling splines, and expands that concept to creating and controlling HyperNURBS shapes.