Josef Bsharah of Cinema Tools has recently updated his V-Ray Studio Tools for Cinema 4D to version 1.2. VRay Studio Tools for Cinema 4D is a suite of tools for interacting with VRayForC4D and Cinema, providing an easy to use interface for creating lighting set ups, both studio and outdoor for rendering with V-Ray in Cinema 4d.

In this new update , seamless VRay studios have been integrated in the tool set as CINEMA 4D files with huge render speed advantage

VRay Studio Tools 1.2 features new seamless studio scenes, an enhanced Physical Sky Tool with background options, and an HDRI Tool with Filter options. There are also some new animation presets that can save you tons of time by removing the need to pre-cache global illumination setups.

VRay Studio Tools 1.2 boasts

  • 11different tool sets for creating custom studios
  • 14 backdrop objects for smooth backgrounds
  • 9 HDRI textures for full studio lighting
  • More than 14 different textures as light source
  • 9 VRay Render Settings ( stills and animation )

V-Ray Studio Tools for Cinema 4D is a super affordable $35.00 (version 1.2 update is free to registered users) and requires CINEMA 4D R11-R14, Latest VRayforC4D, Windows or Mac. Check out the latest features of V-Ray Studio Tools for Cinema 4D here


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