Recently Autodesk has release the Maya 2013 Extension release Bonus Tools for Download, and here, Autodesk’s Steven Roselle continues his look at some of the new and old and modified Bonus Tools Features with this installment looking at the Make Joints Dynamic which simplifies the process of creating secondary dynamic animation in Maya.

Make Joints Dynamic allows us to connect things like hair and nCloth to a series of Joint Chains…

Steven Roselle demonstrates the basics of creating dynamic joint chains using the Maya Bonus Tools’ Make Joints Dynamic, and also shows the settings and parameters that are associated with the tool.

Steven continues by showing some practical examples of dynamic joint chains in use, and how to set them up with some animation examples. Check out a previous post on Maya 2013 Bonus Tools functions USING THE DRAW SPLIT AND DRAW REDUCE TOOLS IN MAYA BONUS TOOLS, in case you missed it.

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