Still in “expressions mode”, Chandan Kumar continues his look at using expressions functionally in Maya with this look at creating a simple auto-wheel rotation as a follow up to a similar tutorial he created using 3ds Max. Chandan has previously shown how to animate the hands of a clock in Maya using Expressions, and also has a great look at creating random and successive effects in After Effects using Expressions.

Hey guys, today I will show you how to animate a Cart’s Wheels using Expressions in Maya

Here, Chandan demonstrates how you are able to animate a Trolly or a Cart’s wheels using an expressions set up where the wheels will automatically rotate simply by moving the cart.

There are many ways to approach creating an automated wheel rig in maya, and if you hacve missed some of the previous posts on this ste, you can check out the tutorial for Creating A Rotating Wheel Animation In Maya Using A Set Driven Key, and the tutorial for Automating A Rotating Wheel In Maya For A Simple Car Rig here.

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