A great series by Shane Benson centered around aspects of Subdivision Modeling in Cinema 4D continues with part seven which looks at an approach for extruding odd shaped holes from surfaces while still trying to maintain the object’s original shape.

demonstrating how to extrude a superman logo shaped hole, into a cylinder while maintaining the cylindrical shape of the cylinder

This is kind of an extension of Shane’s previous look at extruding a different shape or form from another. The example that Shane works with here is creating a hexagon hole in the surface of a cylinder, where you have the straight edges of the the hex hole, but you also need to keep the shape of the original cylinder. This is always a challenging task in any modeler, as every cut or edge you create needs to be purposeful, and as can happen easily with Sub-D modeling, it is difficult to retain the shapes or keep the surface pinch or glitch free while doing so.

If you need to catch up to the rest of the series on Sub-D Modeling in Cinema 4D, check out the previous posts:

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