Red9, creators of the Red9 StudioPack for Maya, a powerful pack of tools and scripts aimed at speeding up animation and rigging workflow from within Maya recently dropped a complete walkthrough of all the new features for Red9 Studio Tools version 1.27 showing what comes with the pack, and how it all integrates within Maya.

First proper walk through of my Red9 StudioPack, v1.27. Takes you through all the core functionality of the AnimUI and gives you an overview of the way the pack integrates into Maya. More of these to come

Red9 Studio Tools comes with a Maya Script Editor Code Inspector, a Pose Manager, tons of animation tools, tools for screen reviews, mouse motion capture and a MetaClass API for managing complex rig structures at a node level. There have been lots of little changes to the Studio Pack with additions and features being added almost continually, so Mark has created a complete walkthrough of the tools set with more videos covering some of the other tools to follow. If you are not familiar with the Red9 Studio Tools, you should check it out, there are tons of tools in the pack, and all distributed as freeware.