b_PolyDebris is a Maya MEL script from bbandong which will take the selected polygons and split them with a simulation easily creating objects exploding, being blown away or falling apart type of effects.

There are no fracturing calculations involved with b_PolyDebris, it simply splits your object into its faces and uses those for a nParticle or nCloth simulation using forces. This reminds me a bit of an old Electric Image plugin called Mr. Nitro which essentially did the same type of thing only with less controls from what I recall.

b_PolyDebris provides a simple interface for controlling debris amount and simple dynamics including wind and gravity with particle simulations as well as Maya nCloth.

The interface is in Korean, however, bbandong provides a little tutorial on b_PolyDebris’ use showing how simple it is to create some pretty cool polygon destruction simulations in Maya using b_PolyDebris.

Check out the page for b_PolyDebris here, where you can download the MEL script and also find out a bit more information on its use.


  1. Mark

    Woow.. this is great 😀 i love it thanks

  2. Tom

    Looks awesome, but its really slow for me, and I get errors when trying to use particle or cloth mode. Can only do “basic set”. Win7 x64 and a 3930k..

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