3D-Coat | Tips for Hard and Organic Surface Auto Retopology

Pilgway offers some insights into getting better results with 3D-Coats Auto-Retopologise feature, demonstrating how to get the best out of 3D-Coat’s Auto-Retopo toolset tools with tips for both hard-surface and organic models as practical examples.

some tips for getting the best results when using the Auto-Retopo toolset on hard surface objects

3D-Coat was one of the first sculpting applications to include an automatic retopology features that incorporated user defined guides to control the flow of the created edge loops.

3D-Coat is a pretty amazing application expanding from voxel sculpting to incorporating some really great tools from retopology to UV creation and editing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can get a demo from the site here- Try 3D-Coat