Maya | Creating Complex MASH Networks Using Textures and Maps

There was a recent and fairly important update to MASH, the Procedural animation toolkit for Autodesk Maya. The update added texture maps support in the MASH Mute Node allowing you to control effects using image and texture maps. This was a possibility, however clumsy, in previous versions of MASH, but version 2.2.3 really made using texture maps feasible.

Using Maps in MASH 2.2.3 to create complex effects

Adding texture maps to the mute node now works in a much more predictable way, allowing you to easily control your objects.

MASH really fills a need in Maya, providing the tools to create motion graphics easily, and very similar to Cinema 4D’s MoGraph Module. MASH offers a suite of 24 Maya nodes which were developed in-house at Mainframe, with a selection of effector nodes which can easily be connected together to build custom effects and animation.

To learn more about MASH, you can check its page here: MASH Procedural Animation Toolkit for Autodesk Maya.