Unfold and Animate Polygonal Objects Easily With The Fold It Plugin for Cinema 4D

The C4DZone.com releases another plugin for Cinema 4D “Fold It”. the plugin will assist you in creating folding and unfolding animations in C4D making it much quicker to create the rigging for the animated setups.

Fold It is a Cinema 4D plugin that help users to fold polygonal sheets and create quickly folding/unfolding and pop up effects

The Fold It plugin doesn’t automate the animation or the rigging, but it does speed up the rigging workflow quite a bit and provide an easy method for animation in the User Interface Panel. Simply select the edge of the fold, then the face, and by clicking the “Add Fold” button, an arrow gets placed on the model which will indicate the direction of the fold.

You can then adjust the arrows and arrange them according to the folding directions of your model. Once you have everything set, simply set the object hierarchy and hit the “make joint” command, and Fold It will set up the joints, and Xpresso connecting the rig to the User Data interface. Animation is made easy by just moving around the sliders for each section of the folding model.

Fold It can run under Cinema 4D R13 or greater on OSX, Windows 32/64 – You can learn more about the Fold It Plugin for cinema 4D at C4DZone.com here.


Unfolding Animation Tutorials for Cinema 4D

There has been no shortage of tutorials for creating unfolding rigs or animation techniques for unfolding objects in cinema 4d. There are a few ways to achieve this effect, so check out the tutorials below.

Uwe Schweer-Lambers has a look at creating an animated infolding effect in Cinema 4D using C4D native elements: Creating Animated Objects Using an Unfolding Effect in Cinema 4D

You MoGraph shows how to create an unfolding effect using Xpresso and user Driven Data: Unfolding Objects in Cinema 4D using Xpresso

Charles Cassels offers a look at how to create the unfolding animation on polygons with set grid array Cloner Objects: Create 2D Motion Graphic Style Animations Using Cinema 4D


C4D Unfolding Tools and Presets

There have also been some pretty useful presets for creating the popular folding effect in C4d as well, check out the presets below.

Jeong-Seok Yang has an Xpresso Preset based on  rown’s POLY script for unfolding polygonsXpresso Preset for Unfolding Polygons in Cinema 4D

Alessandro Boncio has a script called Origami Maker, a free preset that will create unfolding animation: Origami Maker for cinema 4D Creates Paper Unfolding Effects a Simple Task