Create a Fake 3D Look By Rotoscoping Over Two White Lines

Adam Everett Miller shows how to create an interesting “fake 3d” look to short clips by adding two simple white lines to the scene.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to create a fun 3D look to your video by using some simple rotoscoping over white linesAdam Everett Miller –

Playing with parts of the shot going under and over the white lines will accentuate a fake 3D effect. A little bit of rotoscoping in After Effects will take care of placing elements over the lines.

Adam notes that the techniques are fairly simple, however he did come up with some great tips learning from what worked best in his tests, which he shares here.

Check out the tutorial for Create a Fun 3D Look with Simple Rotoscoping here.


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  1. Chris

    Think this would actually work better without the two side panels. It would like a bad portrait video from a mobile so the 3d effect would be much more surprising!

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