OpenColorIO Makes Its Way to Houdini Through Unofficial COP2 Nodes

Out of the box Side FX Houdini doesn’t use OpenColorIO, but there is an “unofficial” and open source implementation of the OpenColorIO open source standard for a unified color management system that can be used in Houdini’s compositing network.

OCIO_Houdini is an unofficial HDK plugin for SideFX Houdini that brings equivalents to NUKEs well known OCIO nodes to Houdinis compositing network

In messing around with the QT interface and the Houdini Development Kit, technical Artist Timm Wagener has created the Houdini COP2 Nodes which are the equivalents to Nuke’s OpenColorIO nodes, only for Houdini.


OpenColorIO is Sony Pictures Imageworks open source libraries for unified color environment across applications and tools, offering a blueprint for consistent color management.

Timm makes mention to Houdini’s important position in the visual effects pipeline makes it a candidate for having a way to quickly and consistently perform color correction as a part of that pipeline.

Currently the Houdini OpenColorIO OCIO_Houdini is in an alpha stage, and Timm Wagener encourages people to to fork the repo, contribute, review and submit bugs or enhancement proposals.