Drive Lip Sync in C4D By Using Data from LipSyncr in After Effects

Michael Rosen posts a really interesting look at creating automatic lip sync animation in Cinema 4D. He does this by bridging the data uses by the After Effects auto lip sync tool, LipSyncr.

Auto Lip Sync with LipSyncr in After Effects and bring that data into C4D through the shader effector & expresso

LipSyncr a script for Ae that can produce auto visme-based lip sync in After Effects with a few simple clicks. What is interesting, is that Michael has discovered a way to bring in the data generated by LipSyncr, into Cinema 4D by using C4D’s Shader Effector and Xpresso.

Michael shares his approach, but basically renders out the LipSyncr result our of After Effects as greyscale images, and imports those into C4D a material. Using the Shader Effector he posterizes the greyscale images so there are correlated amount of levels as the mouth shape.

Then it is just a matter of connecting the pose morph shapes using Xpresso to create the lip sync movement in C4D. There are absolutely no keyframes involved.

Michael also provides the C4D project file, which can be downloaded here ( The download is also available on the lipsyncr product site (


Lip-Syncr for C4D Tutorial