If you have been trying to get into character rigging in Cinema 4D, you are not alone. Character rigging has long been a technical mystery to a lot of people.

how to rig a simple character in Cinema 4D, using Release 16

Here, Orestis Konstantinidis gives a great primer for character rigging in Cinema 4D. Orestis starts with a foundation showing how things are calculated in C4D what is happening behind the scenes.

Orestis then shows how to rig a simple character using a set up that was pioneered by Bret Bays who is also behind the Advanced character templates that ship with Cinema 4D.


More Character Rigging Resources for C4D

Collin Bishop had a quick look at an overview for the basics of character rigging within Cinema 4D showing how to use the character object: Rigging a Biped Character in Cinema 4D.

Brian Horgan covered how to rig a character using the new Character Builder in Cinema 4D r13: Character Rigging & Animation in Cinema 4D R13.

Orestis Konstantinidis also had a look at how to use the Character Object in Cinema 4D r13 to auto rig a character in a modular workflow: Auto-rigging Using the Character Object in Cinema 4D R13.

Also related, Rory Martin has a look at using the wooden figure in Cinema 4D and rigging it with rag doll physics: Rigging for Rag Doll Physics in Cinema 4D.