Mocha Open Splines for Beauty Work in After Effects, Nuke

Recently Imagineer Systems have released Mocha 4.1 which adds new functionality into its spline x-spline system… the ability to create and export open paths, or Mocha open splines.

how to use the new feature found in mocha 4.1 to create open splines, tracked strokes, and text paths

In previous versions of Mocha, you were limited to creating closed splines. There was no capacity to end drawing a spline without having mocha automatically close it for you. This wasn’t really a huge deal, but adding the ability to create and export mocha open splines has its merits.

Some compositors such as After Effects and nuke can use open ended paths in unique ways. In After Effects for example, you could use an open path for strokes and text paths. Nuke was a spline warp node which can accept tracking data and mocha open splines to warp an image. This opens up possibilities for retouching or “beauty” work.

Here, Imagineer systems product specialist, Mary Poplin covers using mocha open splines for beauty retouching and workflow in Nuke using the spline warp node, and in After Effects using Re:Vision Re:Flex Warp plugin which can have similar abilities as Nuke’s counterpart.