FrostSoft has announced a beta version of their realtime viewport renderer for Cinema 4D, PixelBerg. Bringing three components together to produce realtime visuals, PixelBerg is a tool aimed at realtime artists using physically based shading, IBL and post effects to create realtime images.

a realtime viewport renderer for C4D aimed mainly at realtime artists

PixelBerg is purely a viewport render for Cinema 4d – Think of it as Marmoset Toolbag for your C4D viewport. The tools are split by function in PixelBerg with distinct areas for Sky, Materials, and Post Effects.

If you are interested to take a look, FrostSoft has PixelBerg’s documentation online, covering all three areas, as well as some basic tutorials for using the Cinema 4D realtime viewport renderer.



Price And Availability

FrostSoft is making the Version 1.0 (Beta) available to buy and download at a Pay What You Want Price that has a minimum price set of $1.00. Go here to learn more about the FrostSoft PixelBerg Version 1.0 (Beta) for Cinema 4D.


  • PIXELBERG SKY: object plugin responsable for providing the IBL lighting ,viewport background, directional light control and enviroment map conversion utility.
  • PIXELBERG MATERIAL: material plugin which is the physical based shading component.
  • PIXELBERG POST: post Fx plugin providing the realtime post effects.
  • PIXELBERG WATERMARK: Bonus – post Fx plugin providing a watermark that altough it defaults to a pixelberg logo it can be easly changed by the user.