C4D’s Pixelberg Updates with Depth of Field

FrostSoft recently pushed out an update to PixelBerg, their realtime viewport renderer for C4D aimed at realtime artists. PixelBerg offers realtime artists using Cinema 4D, in viewport physically based shading, IBL and post effects to create realtime images. Think of PixelBerg as a Marmoset Toolbag right within Cinema 4D.

PixelBerg 1.4 is still lists the software as beta, but adds new depth of field effects in post, a new sky plane material, and some fixes and overall improvements.

There is a bit of a roadmap for PixelBerg, with the OS X release being next in line, followed by off line rendering support and more sky improvements.

Price And Availability

FrostSoft is making the Version 1.0 (Beta) available to buy and download at a Pay What You Want Price that has a minimum price set of $1.00. Go here to learn more about the FrostSoft PixelBerg Version 1.0 (Beta) for Cinema 4D.

The update follows the pay what you like ideology – If you made a purchase of Pixelberg in the last 7 days your original download links can still be used to download the latest version. However if you are outside that timescale you will need to purchase again at whatever price you see fit for the latest version.


  • PIXELBERG SKY: object plugin responsable for providing the IBL lighting ,viewport background, directional light control and enviroment map conversion utility.
  • PIXELBERG MATERIAL: material plugin which is the physical based shading component.
  • PIXELBERG POST: post Fx plugin providing the realtime post effects.
  • PIXELBERG WATERMARK: Bonus – post Fx plugin providing a watermark that altough it defaults to a pixelberg logo it can be easly changed by the user.