Position Lights Easily in Maya Based on Specular Position With Hilite Mover

Vladislav Bakic posts another useful tool for Maya in his Hilite Mover script. The script will allow you to easily move around lights based on their specular position. The Hilite Mover script will play a locator in your scene that will slide around the surface of your object. Moving the locator will movie the position of the light.

a tool that will allow to animate a lights position by actually animating the position of the specular highlight

This can be very helpful for modeling and rendering when you need to pay particular attention to how light falls on your forms.

The script uses a locator that can be constrained to the geometry of a model (but doesn’t have to be). The script then gets the normal from the model by looking for the closest point on the model.

Hilite Mover then mirrors the angle between the camera and the normal positioning the light at the opposite side, with optional distance attribute.

You can find out more about the freeware script for Maya – Hilite Mover over at Vladislav Bakic’s site where you can find the code and a download.