Watch The Benefits of a Unified 3D Space in a Layer Compositor, HitFilm 3 Pro

What are the benefits of having a unified 3D space when compositing?

One of the things most frustrating in After Effects is that the 3D space is such kluge. No one 3D object has any idea about another and that can affect workflow. For example, a 3d particle system has it’s own gravity and floor plane which is an island onto itself.

Not to mention if you are mixing a 3d particle system along side a 3D object – the two have no relationship to each other.

Create a realistic shot of a plane flying through clouds. Created using the new unified 3D space in HitFilm 3 Pro

One of the best new features of HitFilm 3 Pro, is the fact that it now has a unified 3D space. This means that objects will render as expected, being more intuitive and much easier to work with.

Here, Simon Jones has a look at working with the unified 3D Space in HitFilm 3 Pro and what it can offer in terms of workflow for the type of complex shots that would otherwise cause problems without a unified 3D space.

Simon walks though creating a 3D plane flying through a particle cloud system, with a 3D camera move, all using the new unified 3D space in HitFilm.