RigBox_Reborn_ProxyCreation_InterfaceJennifer Conley makes another addition to her RigBox Reborn suite of character rigging tools in Maya, with the latest Proxy Creation Tool.

The tool will allow you to layout joints for a character rig, and create the character proxy objects, and some light administration tasks on both objects and naming.

RigBox Reborn grew out of Jennifer’s personal rigging tools that she started to build out as modules, to assist in the Maya rigging process.

Since the release of RigBox Reborn, Jennifer has been adding smaller tools that can be used as much larger rigging suite – being modular, all of the smaller tools can easily work on their own as stand alone tools.

RigBox Reborn’s Proxy Creation Tool features include, Joint Creation, Geometry Manipulation, Clean Up Functionality, and Renaming Functionality, all within a Maya panel.

To learn more about or download RigBox Reborn Proxy Creation Tool here.